Do you have your entry doors on display anywhere in Australia?

Yes, we have a display in Melbourne, but during the COVID-19 crisis our display will temporarily be closed and we are working on updating the display for when it reopens.

We currently don't have any other displays in Australia, but aim to set these up once travel restrictions have been lifted.

What size doors can you make?

  • Iron Hinge Doors: 2000mm-3000mm high x 720mm-1500mm wide (single door) 
  • Iron Pivot Doors: 2000mm-2500mm high x 1000mm-1500mm wide 2600mm-2800mm high x 1000mm-1200mm wide
  • Steel Glass Hinge Doors: 2000mm-2800mm high x 650mm-1000mm wide
  • Steel Glass Pivot Doors: 2000mm-2800mm high x 650mm-1500mm wide
  • Steel Glass Barn Doors: 2000mm-2500mm high x 650mm-1500mm wide
  • Steel Glass Cavity/Sliding/Stacking Doors: 2000mm-2800mm high x 650mm-1200mm wide
  • Steel Glass Bifold Doors: 2000mm-2800mm high x 650mm-1000mm wide

*(We can make any width/height on-top of the above dimensions with the addition of sidelight/highlight windows iron/steel panelling).

What are your standard Door Jamb Sizes?

  • Iron Doors: 25mm x 100mm, 25mm x 125mm, 50mm x 100mm, 50mm x 125mm, 50mm x 150mm, 50mm x 200mm Iron Tube, 12 Gauge Thickness
  • Steel Glass Doors: 15mm x 40mm, 25mm x 46mm
  • Steel Glass Pivot Door (no jamb): 20mm x 30mm
  • Fixed Steel Glass Panel: 15mm x 30mm 

Do you have standard sizes? 

No all our doors are custom made so there are no standard sizes that we keep in stock. The sizes listed on the website are to indicate price. If you have a size not shown on the website, please use the nearest size as a price indication or send us an email.

What materials do you use to manufacture your doors?

  • Iron Doors: Q235 Iron, Sand blasted and Zinc Primed Prior to Painting,
    2.5mm Iron Sheet on either side of the panel, 45mm Polyurethane Core
  • Steel Doors: High quality hot rolled mild steel/galvanised carbon steel tube profile with narrowest sightline.

How heavy are your doors?

  • Iron Doors: 72kg/sqm
  • Steel Glass Doors: (Single Glazed) 30kg/sqm

Are your entry doors fire rated or BAL tested?

No we have no undergone BAL testing for our Iron Entry Doors, but they are manufactured from non-combustible 2.5mm iron sheeting on the inside and outside of the panel. Check with your building surveyor or certifier.

Can Iron Entry Doors be facing the sun and exposed to water?

We dont recommend installing the entry doors in instances where the entrance will face direct sun for most of the day, extreme heat can distort the steel and cause issues with the jamb.

We recommend the doors are installed at least 1-1.5 metres setback under a covered porch not directly impacted by the elements.

While the doors seal up and have weather stripping to protect agains wind, they are not completely water tight and should be kept away from direct rain.

How long have you been in business?

Zen Doors was founded in 2019, but our manufacturing facilities have been manufacturing different types of wrought iron, steel glass hinge and pivot doors and windows for over 15 years. 

Where are your doors manufactured?

Zen Doors are designed in Melbourne, Australia and manufactured in two large manufacturing facilities in China. Our doors are all custom made by hand and undergo numerous quality checks and tests, we construct and hang every door prior to shipping to test hardware, mechanisms and sizes. All iron and steel glass doors are securely packed and sealed in large wooden boxes and imported Worldwide in large shipping containers.

How can I obtain a quote for a custom design or size not shown on your site?

Please send us an email at info@zendoors.com.au or call 1300 911 558.

Do you offer installation & glazing service?

No we do not offer installation. We do supply our steel internal feature doors/windows with single or double glazing.

External iron or steel doors or sidelight/highlight windows need to be glazed on site by a glazier to meet AS/NZS Standards.

How do I install my new Zen Door?

As each installation will have different requirements and quality and safety is paramount, we recommend using a Registered Builder or Carpenter to install your Zen Door. Your door will come with all the necessary hardware to install your door into our supplied door frames. View the installation guide on our website for basic instructions.
(Iron Pivot Doors come pre-hung within the iron frame and pivot system, Iron Hinge Doors need to be hung onto hinges on site).

For Iron Doors there are two methods for installation, iron mounting tabs welded on the side of the iron door jamb or pre drilled mounting holes on the inside of the jamb. Please talk to your builder or installer which method will be best for your circumstances on site.

Your builder or carpenter will ensure proper installation of the jamb and hanging of the door. As both iron and steel glass doors are quite heavy, multiple people will be needed for installation.

My project is interstate, can my builder or carpenter install and arrange the site glazing?

Yes we advise you have your builder or carpenter handle the installation. We recommend also going over the shop drawings we provide with your builder or carpenter to understand the requirements prior to delivery. Glazing for external doors/windows can be done by a local glazier who can provide a glazing certificate for external doors/windows.

What type of finishes do you provide?

We have different finishes for the different door materials. Our iron doors are painted with a zinc based patina paint and our steel glass doors are powder coated with a zinc fluorine paint.

What are your lead times for custom manufacturing & delivery to site?

Shop Drawings: Within 3-5 business days of receiving payment.
Manufacturing, corrosion control, painting or powder coating, quality assurance and testing: 60 days
Shipping and Delivery to Site: 25 days

Current Lead Time During COVID Pandemic - 12 weeks from shop drawing approval.

When will my door be delivered?

You can order a hinge or pivot door directly on the website or by getting in touch with us and obtaining a quote. Once you have made payment we create a CAD shop drawing your door according to the plans or dimensions you provide us. This shop drawing will need to be reviewed and signed off by you or your builder/carpenter/installer prior to us constructing the door. You can expect to receive the shop drawing within 3-5 days of making payment. Manufacture and shipping time is currently 12 weeks. 

At Zen Doors quality control is paramount, so each door must pass our rigorous quality assurance tests and checks prior to packing and shipment. 

What is the warranty on a Zen Door?

All Zen Doors come with our 5 year manufacturers warranty. More information can be found on our warranty page and Refund Policy page.

If you have any other question please feel free to get in touch about our hinge or pivot doors here.