Thank you for your interest in the products and services of Zen Building Group Pty Ltd trading as Zen Doors.

This Limited Warranty applies to physical goods, and only for physical goods, purchased from Zen Doors (the "Physical Goods") and excludes any installation

What does this limited warranty cover?

This Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship of the product that is not fair wear and tear during the Warranty Period. This warranty is given in addition to consumer guarantees and does not exclude them.

During the Warranty Period, Zen Doors will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper manufacturing of the product *(excluding imperfections within our allowable tolerance for custom hand made products as outlined below), under normal use and maintenance, but excluding fair wear and tear and products that are installed not in accordance with our method of installation guidelines by a proper registered builder. 

Zen will also not be liable for any door that has been installed into a home or building site and damaged by other trades or persons. 

IMPORTANT NOTE* - Iron and Steel Doors are custom made and welded by hand, they are not laser cut and can show cosmetic imperfections in the steel, fabrication, welding and paint which are in the tolerance for imperfections of hand made custom products. Each door is unique, handcrafted and a one off, iron and steel doors can also show signs of bowing in the steel or frame due to rigidity, length and weight of the steel/iron tube and panel during the manufacturing and shipment process. Please take note of this before proceeding with an order. Any major defect outside the allowable tolerance deemed by us, will be rectified by Zen Building Group as per the Warranty outlined on this page. 

What will we do to correct problems?

If any Zen Door (or part of them) manufacturing are defective, we will:

●      repair or replace the item (or part of them) if it cannot be repaired.

How long does the coverage last? 

The Warranty Period for Physical Goods purchased from Zen Doors from 1 June 2023 is 5 years from the date of delivery for any manufacturing defects but excludes damage caused by incorrect installation of the product and fair wear and tear.

A replacement Physical Good or part assumes the remaining warranty of the original Physical Good or 5 years from the date of delivery.

NOTE: All Zen Doors ordered prior to 1 June 2023 are covered for *2 years from the date of delivery. 

What does this limited warranty not cover? 

This Limited Warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by:

  • conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship;

  • defects as a result of the installation of the product that has not been installed in accordance with our installation guidelines;

  • damage caused as a result of fair wear and tear;

  • damage caused to the product that has not been caused by any result of the manufacture of the product;

  • iron entry door paint finish damage, rust or deformation due to continuous water or direct prolonged sun exposure

    • Iron Doors need to be installed into an entrance way which is at least 1-1.5 metres under roof cover as to not be exposed to continuous rain or direct sun. This will help protect the paint finish and integrity of the door panel and jamb. All doors are sandblasted, and panels and tube are hot dipped galvanised and treated with a zinc-based primer and painted with a high zinc fluorine paint to protect against weather. Our fluorocarbon paint process has marine grade corrosion protection, but welded areas under the paint layer and any area that breaks the galvanised membrane via drilling a hole into the jamb or panel can show signs of rust if exposed to water. Weather stripping and rubber drop seals are included but the doors are not completely watertight.

    • Failure to follow the above guidance will void any warranty claims associated with paint finish or frame and door deformation/warping. 

What do you have to do? 

To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you. If you proceed to attempt to rectify the defect yourself without our knowledge or without first notifying us in writing this warranty will be rendered void.

Exceptions to guarantees 

Consumer guarantees do not apply if you:

  • got what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it
  • misused a product in any way that caused the problem
  • knew of or were made aware of the faults before you bought the product
  • asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business or were unclear about what you wanted.
  • mistakenly ordered the wrong size after agreeing to the measurements prior or at the time of ordering
  • caused the damage to the product or otherwise installed the product in contravention of our installation guidelines.


In order to make a defective warranty claim you must first call us (03 7068 7667) and explain the defect and also notify us in writing.  We then require an email to be sent to info@zendoors.com.au with your order or invoice number, your full name and address and a detailed description of the defect and any photographs or video's showing the defect.

Once the above has been reviewed we will either offer a repair or replace all or part of your door.

For information on returns and refunds please see our Refund Policy.